Project Description


HTC’s million dollar plus investment in the DURAPAC SYNCMASTER Syncronous Lifting System was prompted by the need for a sophisticated lifting solution to aid in the repair of earthquake damaged infrastructure in Christchurch and to revolutionise the way structures are lifted in New Zealand.

Following its initial use in a SCIRT/Fulton Hogan bridge-raising project to allow for the replacement of damaged abutments, the system has been in heavy demand. The variety of problems that can be solved by the Syncronous Lifting System, which allows for up to 4 power packs to be controlled by one master
unit giving up to 40 individually controlled cylinder lifting points, has even surprised the team at HTC.

A recent use for the system is again related to the Christchurch earthquake recovery. Four connected multi-story townhouses employing heavy tilt slab construction needed to be lifted for re-levelling.

Only the HTC Syncronous Lifting System could provide the required solution with 40 lifting points of control required and each ram working to a different lift height. Each ram was programmed with its own target lift height and was progressively and evenly lifted to avoid stress across the four
connected townhouses. Applied forces and cylinder extensions where closely controlled by the computer and the building were returned back to level in a lin r and progressive manner. This has been our largest lift to date, in terms of points of lift and the three day project went without a hitch.

Just another example of HTC “Makin’ the Hard Jobs Easy”.